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Have you submitted work for inclusion in an S&Co Scratch Night but been unsuccessful? Entered other competitions without being placed? Or do you simply lack confidence, or can't you see the wood for the trees?

You're not alone, because it's hard to be objective about your own scripts. Lots of writers have asked for feedback to improve their work, and we're delighted to help. After all, we're scriptwriters ourselves, are on your side, and have literally read thousands!

If you'd like some quick and dirty (but hugely useful) personal feedback on a script you've previously submitted to one of our Scratch Nights, book here for two jam-packed pages of personal notes at £30. Yes!

Alternatively, pay a little more for a fuller critique or proofreading (note: if proofing, we can only return corrected scripts as Word or FD files). They're separate services, but both cost the same (so if you want notes and proofing, you pay twice). It's £40 (for scripts up to 10 pages), £60 (11-30 pages), £90 (31-61 pages) or £150 (62 to 110 pages).

Either way, we'll read your work with expert eyes and send you 3-10 pages of carefully considered notes, depending on length and complexity; or a revised script, free of spelling and grammatical errors. And it is YOUR script, so we won't be prescriptive (see what we did there?) in our notes, or tell you what to do. Just click to book and we'll explain what we think doesn't quite work yet, and suggest how you might fix it.

Critiques will be broken down into sections that usually cover your:

If you'd like to take your scriptwriting to the next level, this is the way to go about it. We're happy to critique theatre or radio plays as well as TV pilots and screenplays and feature films, and will make sure we assign the right person to your script. Simply click to book and then send us your work. We'll get your report back to you within a fortnight, and of course copyright remains yours.

But if your script is teeny or budget is an issue, email to see if we can come to a different arrangement, like talking you through it.



Ideally, combine consultancy with an S&Co Table Read. This is an incredible experience for any writer, and the best way to find out exactly what works and - more importantly - what doesn't.

Subject to cast availabilty, we can organise a LIVE READ of your work by carefully chosen S&Co Actors - we now have around 30 - which we can record for you to send to whoever you like. You don't even have to attend (though most people do)!

Please email to discuss your needs, since prices vary depending on the number of actors required and the length of the script. Combine this with Script Consultancy and you'll be on your way to a far better script - guaranteed!



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