Script Consultancy and Table Reads






These one-to-one consultations with Zanna Cardash or Alex Hollister take place on Zoom) and don't usually include us reading your script. They're mostly for general questions like 'How do I format a flashback?' or 'Can you explain formatting basics', but can sometimes be useful for a specific issue like 'Does this scene work?'

FEE: £60 for up to an hour. Click here to book.



Have you submitted a play or screenplay entry  to an S&Co Scratch Night but been unsuccessful? Entered other competitions without being placed, or ready to start submitting but want to make sure your script is good enough to compete? If you'd like to take your writing to the next level, this is the way to go about it. 

It's hard to be objective about your own scripts. Lots of writers ask us for feedback to improve their work, and we're happy to help. After all, we're scriptwriters ourselves, are on your side, and have literally read thousands! If you'd like to take your writing to the next level, this is the way to go about it. 

Our coverage is different from other companies' services, and may be more expensive. Why?  because Zanna or Alex will spend up to two full days analysing and commenting on your work. We'll explain what  works, what doesn't quite work, and suggest how you might fix it. As a result, the feedback we receive is exceptional. 

Yes, we'll send you several pages of carefully considered, script- specific notes (depending on the length and complexity of your play or screenplay). But additionally, we annotate clients' script from start to finish with comments and suggestions, making it easy for you to incorporate amendments. And since we recognise that it's YOUR script, we'll never be prescriptive (see what we did there?), or tell you what to do. And of course, copyright remains yours.

Critiques will be broken down into sections that usually cover:

Logline - Set Up - Structure - Plot - Logic - Characterisation - Dialogue - Pace - Tone - Voice

We also offer expert proofreading, whereby we send your script back to you fully corrected, free of spelling and grammatical errors and ready to send (if proofing, we can only accept scripts as Word or FD files).


Consultancy and proofreading are separate services but cost the same, so if you want notes AND proofing, you'll need to book and pay twice.

£50 (for scripts with up to 10 pages)

£80 (for scripts with 11-30 pages)

£150 (for scripts with 31-60 pages)

£300 (for scripts with 61 to 120 pages)

Simply click here to book. We'll aim to get your report back to you within a fortnight.



Nobody writes a script with a view to filing it in their computer. All of us - without exception - write with a view to actors performing our work, on stage or screen.

A live S&Co Zoom Performance is just an incredible experience for a playwright or screenwriter. It's also the best way to find out exactly what works and - more importantly - what doesn't.

Nothing beats hearing and seeing your plot and characters brought to life. It's fun! You don't have to attend (though most writers do), because we'll also record the whole session - constructive discussions included - for you to watch at your leisure, or send to whoever you like.

Your private Zoom performance will be cast from our extaordinarily talented professional S&Co Actors. This is the auditioned company that already performs winning scripts at our legendary Scratch Nights, so we know them. And they know how to nail online performances. 

Of course, these are actually 'table reads' (though since they're on Zoom, there isn't a table). But because our actors are so skilled, you'll never feel they are reading. And nor will anyone you send the recording to.


£150 for scripts with 1-10 pages - includes up to three actors

£200 for scripts with 11-30 pages - includes up to four actors

£300 for scripts with 31-69 pages - includes up to five actors

£400 for scripts with 70-120 pages - includes up to to six actors

Book here or email to discuss your needs if your script is longer, needs more actors or you have questions. As soon as we receive your order, we'll be in touch to arrange a date. We usually need a week or two, but can often accommodate more urgent requests.



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