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Bath Chronicle, March 2020

Scriptmag, October 2020



'It was incredibly fulfilling to see these characters I have only ever heard in my own voice brought to life, and the feedback provided was fair, considered and invaluable in moving my script to the next level. Some of the work on show (both from the writing and the acting sides) was exceptional and you should be really proud of the fantastic way in which you brought us all together to experience it.' Robin Street, Screenwriter.

'The notes from you and Alex were truly outstanding. Scriptwriters & Co is the best internet rabbit hole I've ever fallen down. Truly. I've searched for writer groups here for years but it just seemed like no one even wants to pick up a basic format book. But everyone at the Scratch Night had such magical, next-level writing that I could barely take in all the AWESOME at once.' Cheryl Laughlin, Screenwriter.

'As a relatively new writer who has written exclusively for audio and stage drama, it was my first experience of a scratch night with such a wide variety of performing genres represented. I was really impressed with the quality of the acting and the work presented. It was pleasing to see considerable representation from places such as Ireland and the USA, and made you realise what a huge community we represent.' Phil Taylor, Scriptwriter.

'Great night - very enjoyable range and breadth of stuff, all really well presented and performed - and thanks for your kind words, too.' Phil Baarda, Screenwriter.

‘Zanna Cardash and Scriptwriters & Co embody the essence of live performance, contributing a vibrant pairing of words and acting to the theatrical landscape. It is inspiring to know we all have access to such a vital resource. I thought the scripts were superb, as were the performers who brought them to life for us. Excellent event!" Allston James, Playwright.

'I found it a really fascinating process to see what happens between words being written on a page and embodied by a performer. I forgot to thank David, who played Colin with such convincing confusion and anguish. I will be reformatting, as you suggested, and hearing it made me want to develop it further.' Nilgin Yusuf, Playwright.

'I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and found the feedback really helpful. It's so refreshing to be in such a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to share work. It was a thrill to listen to everyone's pieces. I cannot commend Rhiannon and Rebecca enough, I thought they knocked it out of the park. I will most definitely be submitting to you again.' Joe Dury, Playwright.

'Hey Zanna and Alex, thank you so much for last night! It was a joy to watch such a talented cast perform a set of great and varied scripts and a real privilege to be considered amongst them. Thank you so much for your insightful notes and putting the whole thing together.' Louis Catliff, Scriptwriter.

'I had a terrific time. What a talented group of actors and writers. The feedback given was also top-notch.' Donald Loftus, Playwright.



'I will swear under oath that Alex's was the greatest analysis I have ever had. Including therapy.' Phil Krampf, Screenwriter.

'I just received my notes back from Zanna Cardash after a script consultation. It's my first time doing something like this and I'm staggered by the insights and attention to detail. It has been a real education and I can't wait to get started on the edits. For anyone considering doing the same, I can highly recommend her services.' Stephen Saleh, Screenwriter.

'A good script is often born from a really good logline. I was struggling to establish one for my screen play so I asked the clever people at Scriptwriters & Co. What they came up with was just brilliant and exciting and, frankly, nailed the essence right through the heart. When I finally have the whole piece finished, I can't see myself going anywhere else for coverage.' Steve Cranenburgh, Screenwriter.

'Zanna’s feedback was just what I needed. It helped me to see the strong points of my story and develop these whilst also letting go of the weaker pages. Following her advice, I cut characters and added new ones, cut pages of dialogue and wrote new scenes. My play is much stronger as a result. Zanna is straight-talking and knows her stuff. If you want an honest critique from an experienced scriptwriter who really cares about making your work the best it can be, don’t hesitate to contact her.' Adele Cordner, Playwright.

'Hey Alex, WOW! Thank you so so much for taking the time to be so thorough. I really appreciate everything you've said and am about to start editing. Thanks once again for your time and energy.' Erica England, Screenwriter.

'Zanna, it was a great class! I've been working on an idea for a while and just couldn't get the right 'shape'. Last night really helped to get a much stronger idea of where I want to go with my characters and also some ideas of how to get there. I learned loads on your course and would certainly recommend it to others.' Suja Rajan, Scriptwriter.

'Thank you, Zanna, your comments are greatly appreciated. You've made a lot of excellent and highly useful points. Definitely got my money's worth! You managed to squeeze about 2 pages of advice into a single paragraph by cutting right to the chase, thereby practising what you preach! :-)'. Steve Gomez, Screenwriter

'Alex helped me turn a horror script from an energetic but flawed mess into an international competition winner, serial finalist and official selection. Now he is helping me do the same on an urban thriller script which suffered from similar, if not more exaggerated shortcomings. I don't think I can write a more compelling recommendation than that.' Paul Harker, Screenwriter.

'I was really pleased with my own personal outcomes from the course.  I wrote some dialogue!!! Thank you. I also feel I embarked on a journey to understanding script development, learnt a few skills and was introduced to some concepts. Thank you for offering this at such a good price and for a wide level of experience.' Emma Firman, Scriptwriter.

'Thank you so much for giving such an amazing workshop! It's given me the techniques and tools to really improve my writing. I feel like I write better already and I've decided to put the character that I came up with in the exercises into a feature film script.' Holly Paton, Scriptwriter.

'Zanna pushed me to improve the ending of my short script, which led to a tweak that gave it a whole new and secure meaning, even for its original creator. I was very excited by the outcome and so grateful to Zanna for her insight.' Kay Hartnett, Screenwriter.

'If I could time machine and go back to when I received other script notes, well I'd grab all that money back and push it forward to the notes I got from S&Co and Alex. Structure, nuance, character... all things corralled into one easy report that is sitting desk side as I got through each point. Bona fide!' Cheryl Laughlin, Screenwriter.