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S&Co Script Consultancy

Smart move! You're one step nearer to winning a competition or impressing a producer.

Importantly, we don't merely give a score for each element of your work, like some scriptreading services. Instead, you'll receive a personal, specific, carefully considered critique, with suggestions about how you can improve it.

Please note that prices and page counts below assume double-spaced, normally formatted pages, and a run-time of approximately one page per minute.

Scratch Night Feedback: £30
Shorts/Plays with up to 10 pages: £40
TV Pilots/Short Plays/Films with 11-30 pages: £60
TV Pilots/Plays/Films with 31-61 pages: £90
Full-Length Plays/Features with 62-110 pages: £150

If your script has more than 110 pages (which instantly lessens its chances of being read by producers, so there's your first note - free!) we charge £30 per additional 20 pages. Please pay additional sums in increments using the £30 or £60 buttons.

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Now all you have to do is send your work, stipulating whether you want a critique or proofreading. If you have a synopsis please attach that too, and for screenplays we'd ideally like the logline.

Thanks so much for trusting us - we look forward to receiving and reading your script, and of course copyright remains yours. And please feel free to recommend this script service to other writers, even if they're not members.

Please note that we sometimes start reading work on the day it arrives, so no refunds will be offered except in the unlikely event that we're unable to critique your script within a fortnight.