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New dates to be announced soon!

Suzanna Cardash will lead this online workshop, which will help you build three-dimensional characters that are credible - and watchable. It's not just a matter of convincing dialogue. You also need to build empathy, so the audience longs for your protagonist to succeed against all odds, or for his or her nemesis to be vanquished - even if they may have deep and unlikeable character flaws!

Additionally, you have to consider characters' external and internal wants and needs (yes, they're different!). And if all that's not enough, you have to ensure these people are not just convincing, but engaging enough to hold an audience's attention. This means your dialogue must be realistic, with a different voice for each person, and defined backstories that the viewer might never see, but which inform their decisions and actions.

Suzanna will show you simple techniques that will ensure you know your characters so well that you can predict exactly how they'll respond to any situation that's thrown at them by others - and you! You'll also learn how to give them emotional depth, so they can develop and change during their journey.

Book this workshop and she won't just explain the essentials that will make your characters fly off the page, but will take you through carefully designed writing exercises that will help you develop your scriptwriting skills. This workshop will also cover the essential differences between writing for stage or screen.



This is an incredible experience for any writer, and the best way to find out exactly what works and - more importantly - what doesn't.

Subject to cast availabilty, we can organise a Zoom Table Read of your work by S&Co Actors - we now have around 30 - which we can record for you to send to whoever you like. You don't even have to attend (though most people do)!

Please email to discuss your needs, since prices vary depending on the number of actors required and the length of the script. Combine this with Script Consultancy and you'll be on your way to a far better script - guaranteed!


(Currently on hold - we don't need to explain!)

Our Writing Retreats aren't just for playwrights and screenwriters. All writers - novelists, poets, you name it - are welcome to book, because the day isn't about 'learning'. It's a chance for you to get your head down and... well, write.

Put to one side that your kitchen's a health hazard, there's a Netflix series you need to binge-watch, the kids are fighting again or you really need to repoint the brickwork before creating the next scene, chapter or verse. This is a chance to get your head down without distractions. The biggest domestic dilemma you'll face: which pastry to choose on arrival. 

There's no formal tuition, though writer and copy editor Suzanna Cardash will be on hand to read and comment on scenes or passages, assist with blockers and offer advice. All you need to bring is your notepad and pen or a laptop - and some great ideas. We provide: desk space at a large table - oven-baked breakfast pastries - unlimited tea and coffee - a scrummy platter lunch - a beautiful and conducive environment - and, not least, the chance to form supportive friendships with other writers. Oh, and a few little treats might be thrown in during the inevitable afternoon lull. (Nobody said chocolate, obviously.)

Imagine a day's productive work in the luxury of the splendid, historic Elder Rooms in Bath, and the company of like-minded writers. Bliss! 

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Writing Retreat: £50.00 to include a breakfast pastry, unlimited hot drinks, a shared 'sandwiches and chips' lunch - and oodles of creative camaraderie!