The Scriptwriters & Co International Festival




We're thrilled to announce the SCRIPTWRITERS & CO INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, which will take place from 11.30am-10pm on Sunday 10 April 2022 at a beautiful UK venue.

Komedia Bath is a Grade II listed and wonderfully restored former Beau Nash cinema, slap bang in the centre of Bath, England, known for its Roman Baths and Georgian architecture. It's one of only a handful of entire cities to be inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we're very proud to be based here.

As you'd expect, our Main Festival is open to audio and theatre playwrights and as well as screenwriters, and offers a choice of page counts and prices to suit everyone. We want this competition to be accessible to writers at any stage of their journey in the industry.

Moreover, this isn't a 'fur coat and no knickers' contest. There will be real trophies for winners of major categories, plus career-changing, route-to-production prizes for the two winners of our industry-cracking S&CO/POSTERITY AWARDS.

To say we're excited is an understatement. Intrigued? Read on!


This won't be the kind of gig that does nothing but make announcements. Of course we'll award certificates to all finalists, and present trophies to the winners of categories with 31+ pages. But being Scriptwriters & Co (aka S&Co), we'll offer live entertainment, too!

Our magnificent S&Co Actors, who garner acclaim for their Zoom performances every month, will be on stage, reading excerpts from the works that impressed us most, from micros to pilots to features. We'll also have some fabulous speakers, still to be confirmed.

And since the Festival's in a dance venue, that's exactly what we'll do! After winners are announced there will be a proper, celebratory, let-your-hair-down party from around 8-10pm, though there's a cool cafe or upstairs gallery for those who want to network or chat scripts.

All in all, we're building an incredible event, with Komedia's fantastic bar open all day, great food available, and plenty of scope for networking with other people who study or work in the performing arts, from all over the world. So... please come!


Absolutely. Scriptwriters & Co is a young but robust company, run by professional Script Consultants who have been writers all their working lives.

We have thousands of subscribers, a vibrant Facebook presence, and in 2020 alone received, read and judged more than 1,000 short script entries for our monthly competitions. Evidence? The quality of work we select for our legendary S&Co Scratch Nights; the script notes we offer winners each month in front of up to 100 audience members; and the client feedback you'll find on this website, for script consultancy and workshops. In short, we know what we're doing.

Led by Zanna Cardash and Alex Hollister, our readers are fully trained and hired for eclectic tastes, excellent noses for a superb script and clear, objective judgement, whatever the genre or subject matter.  We've been knocked out by the high-quality pieces submitted to our Scratch Night competitions, and by the overwhelming support we've had from established, emerging and new writers.

We're not the only ones who have been impressed by the high standard. Jonathan Willis, the prolific film and theatre producer who heads up Posterity Entertainment, has attended every S&Co event, and watched our progess with interest.

So (massive drum roll!) we were more than a little chuffed when he approached us to join forces and offer two exceptional Festival prizes, in addition to the S&Co laurels, certificates and trophies that winners will be proud to display on their wall or mantelpiece.


In addition to offering our main festival categories, Scriptwriters & Co and Posterity Entertainment have formed a unique collaboration to search for two outstanding scripts, whose winners will enjoy career-changing opportunities - direct routes to production - and a blaze of international publicity.


We're looking for original, commercial, marketable feature film concepts, so arthouse,  idiosyncratic or 'worthy' stuff is unlikely to cut it here (though it's welcomed in the  main competition). American accents and vernacular are welcomed, since the US is Posterity's (and everyone else's) biggest audience. Realistically, we're unlikely to select anything too 'parochial', or that requires strong UK accents, and if it's British comedy you'll have to work extra-hard to impress. Keep a keen eye on the budget - aim for £100,000 maximum. The likely winner? A movie with a universal theme that harnesses the Zeitgeist and will sell all over the world.


The winning play will be innovative, immersive and designed for the round, and MUST be full-length and include an interval. We're anticipating a cast of 3 to 8 players and a mix of genders in a staged production that's likely to utilise multi-media and will definitely be original, distinctive, inventive and challenging. Explore, imagine and think outside the box to create an extraordinary and ground-breaking piece of theatre. Although aimed at a primarily adult audience, your cast may include children. Magic, illusions, projections, audio-scapes, aroma-scapes, more? Bring them on - inspire and excite us! 

S&Co's Zanna Cardash (Artistic Director) and Alex Hollister (Lead Script Consultant) will work with Posterity and the winning writers to develop the script, with a view to producing a feature film with international distribution; and a play with an A-list cast, to be staged in Bath, UK.

S&CO/POSTERITY entries are automatically entered into their category in the main competition, so you have two chances of winning a trophy.


It's not all about the big hitters. While the S&CO/POSTERITY Awards are the jewel in our crown, our main competition offers a wide array of categories to suit all types of scriptwriters and budgets.

Here, you may enter a feature film screenplay or full-length play at a reduced price if you don't wish to be considered for an S&CO/Posterity Award. Non-Posterity entries will not be seen or read by Posterity, and their writers will not be asked to supply additional information or to attend interviews. 

For screenwriters, there are also categories for TV pilots or Shorter Film Scripts; Short Scripts; Mini-Scripts; and Micro-Scripts, and for playwrights we offer Theatre Play and Audio Play options with exactly the same array of shapes and sizes.

All finalists and winners will receive S&Co electronic laurels and certificates, while winners of categories with 31+ pages will also be presented with S&Co trophies.







We interview and train our reading team, so they know exactly what to look for.  S&Co's judging principles are straightforward and will take concept, plot, story arc, pace and tone, dialogue, characters, stakes, heart and logic into consideration - not forgetting 'voice', and sheer enjoyability.

To ensure none of us can be influenced by unconscious bias, all scripts must be submitted anonymously via Film Freeway, without writers' names or contact details on the cover/title page (except your mobile/cell phone number). You may place a logline on the cover, below your script's title. 

All SCRIPTWRITERS & CO INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL submissions will be judged as follows:


Scriptwriters & Co will draw up a list of Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Finalists for the special awards below:

Additionally, S&CO/POSTERITY Quarter-Finalists will be be asked to send us a logline, synopsis, and one-page pitch of their work, which the S&Co team will analyse and discuss with Posterity; and S&CO/POSTERITY Semi-Finalists will be interviewed online by Zanna Cardash and Alex Hollister.

We will then present finalists' scripts for stage and screen to Posterity Entertainment, who may wish to meet the writers. 

The two winners will be announced at the SCRIPTWRITERS & CO INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL on 10 April 2022, and presented with certificates and S&CO/POSTERITY trophies.


S&Co will also draw up a list of Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Finalists for the main Festival awards below (including entries for the S&CO/POSTERITY Awards, assessed here in categories using general contest criteria):


The final award will be selected by the judges from ALL genres and categories across stage and screen.


Once winners of the S&CO/POSTERITY awards have been selected by S&Co and Posterity Entertainment, their entries will automatically become ineligible for consideration in the same categories in the main competition. Hence, one individual (or team of two writers) can only win one prize for either a Feature Film Screenplay or Full-Length Theatre Play.

We will publish lists of all Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Finalists on our website and in social and other media.

All Finalists will be invited to attend the SCRIPTWRITERS & CO INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL on 10 April 2022, where the 10 winners will be announced.

Your script must be: 

Below, you'll find our categories for screenplays, theatre plays and audio plays, broken down into price bands for different script/page counts.

The 'base' price for entering is shown in bold, and there are bolt-on options for writers who would like written feedback, a private table read by our professional S&Co Actors - or both!

If you select an option that includes a Zoom table read, we'll invite you to attend (most writers do), or can just send you the recording of the entire session. Either way, your piece will be cast from the established, auditioned company that already performs winning scripts at our S&Co Scratch Nights, so we know our actors, and they know how to get the best from online performances.




By entering you confirm that you are over 18, have read and accept the rules and requirements below, have copyright of the work you submit and are happy for us to add your name to our mailing list (you may unsubscribe at any time). Refunds will not be offered in any circumstances.

Entries may only be submitted via FilmFreeway. There will be 10 winners in total (eight in the main Festival, plus two S&CO/POSTERITY winners).

Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Finalists will receive S&Co laurels as PDFs. All Winners will receive certificates, while the Winners of categories with 31+ pages will also receive S&Co trophies (and Winners who do not attend the Festival may have their trophies posted to them at their own expense).

Scripts must be in English. Multiple entries are allowed from each writer (or team of up to two writers), so you may enter more than one script in any category upon payment of the appropriate fee in each case. We regret that we are unable to offer discounts for multiple submissions.

Entries must be entirely original, free of plagiarism and not based, in whole or part, on another writer’s work (unless the underlying material is in the public domain).

The judges' decisions are final and we will not engage in any discussions about them, or be required to explain or justify any of our decisions.

While S&CO/Posterity Awards will be announced and trophies awarded, production is not guaranteed until Posterity Entertainment is satisfied that scripts are to the required standard and contracts are issued and signed. 

We cannot be held responsible for scripts entered in the wrong category, so check that you meet the criteria and take care to select the right one and pay the correct entry fee. No refunds or partial refunds will be offered after submission in any circumstances, and neither will you will be allowed to submit revised pages or scripts without re-entering.

All qualified submissions will be given equal opportunity and decisions will be based on the script alone. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity or disability. 

It is the writer's responsibility to register copyright if they wish to, and by entering you confirm that you understand that the organisers or other writers may already have had, or be working on, similar ideas for storylines and scripts. S&Co cannot and will not be considered liable for the production, now or in the future, of any such scripts, films or plays that bear a simililarity to work you submit.

S&Co reserves the right, at any time, without notice and without limiting any and all other rights we may have under these Rules & Regulations, at law or in equity, to remove and delete any festival entry that does not meet our terms, without offering any explanation or refund. This may also apply to any content we consider libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or sexually, racially, culturally or ethnically offensive, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or abusive.

By submitting your script, you allow S&Co and Posterity Entertainment to use your title and logline, as well as your name and image, for promotional purposes, on social media, on our websites and elsewhere, if you are placed.

Should we receive a limited number of high-standard submissions in any particular category, we reserve the right to withdraw it and/or move your submission/s to another, to ensure fair competition.

We accept scripts that have been entered in other competitions, and/or have been read, broadcast or performed in amateur performances or online, but not those that have been professionally produced. We reserve the right to disqualify scripts that have breached this stipulation, without offering a refund.

Entering does not guarantee that your work will be placed. Neither does it secure you admission to the live Festival on 10 April 2022. Finalists will enjoy free entry but you will travel to Bath at your own expense, and any guests will need to buy a ticket to the event. These will be priced at £40 for the full day. Food and drinks will be available at reasonable prices.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Scriptwriters & Co, Posterity Entertainment and our management, employees, judges, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates etcetera from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including but not limited to legal fees, and costs of the court) that may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, the screening or publishing of recordings or stills of performances at the Festival, and so forth.

Scriptwriters & Co retains copywright of all the information on this page and, while we are happy for you to spread news about the SCRIPTWRITERS & CO INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL and prizes, we retain copyright on all the words herein, and you are not entitled to copy, paste or otherwise use or repeat our words without our express permission.

Please don't ask for a fee waiver.  Scriptwriters & Co has supported thousands of people  by offering free scriptwriting competitions, Zoom events and script feedback. We need to charge for festival entries to continue to run free S&Co Scratch nights, and to pay ourselves, our readers and actors, and hope you'll support us by entering, spreading the word and reviewing S&Co on FilmFreeway, so others know we're trustworthy.

Thanks for being part of our incredible journey - now please put the date in your diary!