How to join S&Co Actors



Since we never know what roles we'll have to cast each month for S&Co Scratch Nights, we're always interested in hearing from outstanding, versatile performers. Although our actors are all volunteers, many are professionals. Others are ex-pros, and some make the grade but sensibly found other careers that pay mortgages.

As long as you have talent, we don't care.

The good news? Although you'll have a few days to familarise yourself with the scripts you're cast in, you won't have to learn any lines. And if you need a month or two off, that's fine. Oh, and our Scratch Nights are often attended by producers, so you might even be spotted and cast. 

The bad news is that, although it may look like it's easy, it isn't. For a start, you have the daunting challenge of reading and scrolling down scripts on your computer screen in front of a live audience while acting with co-performers you can't necessarily see. Proper eye contact is impossible, with other actors or the audience.

Flexibility and fantastic sight-reading skills are paramount, as is the ability to look straight into your computer's camera while acting (sorry, no phones allowed). Ideally, you'll be able to assume lots of different and convincing accents. You'll also need to be credible in the role of a murderous villain in one scene, a loved-up junkie the next or - as was the case for one of our actors - a blow-up sex doll who magically comes to life.

We generally hold auditions every three months or so, and are currently particularly interested in hearing from male actors in their 70+ (especially actors of colour). Additionally, we now offer Table Reads to scriptwriter clients, so there's potentially a chance to earn (a little!) money.

Please email if you're interested. Thank you!